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Charity Work

Here are some of the donations that have been offered by family members of the deceased in order to help support charities both locally and nationwide.


Peripheral Vascular disease - £716.42 for the late Mark Waby


Royal Free Hospital London NET - £225.00 for the late Bridget Marian Watts

Dear Ms Townsend Bird

Thank you very much for forwarding donations of £202.00, received in memory of Dorothy Ashton. Please accept this email as a receipt for your records. We have written separately to thank the next of kin.
We are always grateful when people choose to make gifts in memory to us. The money raised from this collection will help us lead the fight against dementia.

Thank you again for administering this collection on the family's behalf. We do appreciate your help as we understand that you are busy with many other duties around this time.
Yours sincerely

Sharon Scarry
Customer Care Administrator

Customer Care

Alzheimer's Society
Scott Lodge Scott Road

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